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Reporting to Parents

Term 1
  • Meet the teacher evenings in Week 2.  Parents are invited to hear their child’s class teachers go over the class timetable, expectations, routines, homework requirements etc.
  • Parent-Child-Teacher action plan and goal setting meetings in Week 3 or 4 of the term.  This is a 10 minute 1:1 meeting with your child’s classroom teacher/s.
Term 2
  • Individual Student Portfolios are sent home electronically in Week 10 of the term.  These are very detailed reports that include assessment information, student work samples and teacher comments on progress and achievement.
Term 3
  • Parent-Child-Teacher Interviews at the beginning of the term.  These are in depth 15 minute interviews with your child’s classroom teacher.  It is an opportunity to discuss the Individual Student Portfolios, progress and achievement. There is an expectation that students from Years 4-8 attend the interviews with their parents. Our Opaki Library holds a 'Book Fair' during this week, which  provides a warm, welcoming space for children to browse a wide selection of books, saving the cost of a babysitter.
Term 4
  • Individual Student Portfolios are sent home electronically in Week 9 or 10 of the term as a record of their students learning.  A parent feedback form will be sent out electronically.

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