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Cultural Perspective


At Opaki we are guided by the 5 AROHA concepts. These concepts underpin all that we do and all that we represent as a school.

Cultural Perspective

Totara Tree Concept


School Hours

8.50  School Starts - Roll, Notices, Jump Jam
9.00  Morning Teaching Block
10.30 Morning Tea
11.15 Middle Teaching Block
12.45 Lunch
1.30 Afternoon Teaching Block
3.00 School Finishes

Drop Off And Collection Times

Students are permitted to be dropped off at school after 8:00am.  All students are expected to be at school ready for learning by 8:50am. It is expected that students are collected as soon as possible at the end of the school day unless they are waiting for a sports practice or waiting to catch a bus.  We do not permit students to remain at school once the day has ended to play unsupervised in the school grounds.


Please notify the school office or your child’s classroom teacher by 8:50am if your child is going to be absent from school and provide a reason why.

Phone - 377 5052
Email -

Stationery & School Accounts

Stationery Accounts
Each family has a stationery account set up by the school.  This is for incidental stationery items, donations and termly school charges such as Design Technology Fees.  Any trip, activity and event costs over $10 will be charged separately and will need to be paid upfront by cash, eftpos or internet banking.  Stationery accounts and statements are emailed out approximately twice a term.

If paying by internet banking the school account number is: 02-0688-0023285-000
To assist with providing additional resources for the school a donation is asked for. This is $50 per term per student.  If you have three or more children at Opaki School the donation is $40 per student.  This donation amount will be added to your stationery account each term.
Beginning of the year stationery items
All student stationery is purchased through the school.  Families are charged a stationery charge at the beginning of each year that covers student books and other necessary stationery items.  Please do not purchase exercise books from town.  Students will receive a stationery pack at the beginning of each school year.  
Additional stationery items can be purchased during the year from the school office and these items will be added to your stationery account.  Note:  If end of year stationery accounts are not paid stationery is not issued until the account has been settled.

Newsletters & Notices

All Trip, Camp, Sports And Event Permission Slips And Information Are Sent Out Electronically Via ‘Signmee’.  Please Follow This Procedure:

  1. Go to .
  2. Go to ‘sign up for free’.
  3. Complete the ‘Create a new account’ page.

Other Forms of Communication
We welcome in person visits at any time before and after class. Classroom teachers can also be contacted by way of email:
James Smith -
Tiriana Potangaroa -
Nicki Bramwell-Cooke  -
Lizzy McGovern -
Megan Roberts -
Ellie Francis -
Emma Berry -
Karen Wilson -

BOT Community Newsletters are sent home once a term. These newsletters are also distributed to our wider community.   
Class newsletters are sent home by teachers at the start of each term and outline classroom programmes and events.   
The BOT will also include a monthly page in the school newsletter.
Friends information is included in the School Newsletter every Wednesday.
Please check our Facebook page  - for daily updates, events and notices.  Our website is

Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits
Each student requires an emergency kit which is kept at school.  The kits are returned at the end of each school year so that food items can be replaced before they expire.  Emergency kits need to be assembled inside a named 2Ltr ice cream container - this is so that they can all be stored inside class emergency bins.  Other containers make it difficult to organise, stack and store the kits effectively.   Assembled kits can be given to your child’s classroom teacher.

Required items inside the emergency kit:
  • Survival blanket (usually a thin silver ‘sheet’ folded inside a plastic pouch).
  • 2 or 3 glow sticks (small enough to fit inside the ice cream container).
  • Pull ring can of baked beans, spaghetti or similar.
  • Food items such as: chocolate bar, pre-packaged dried fruit & nuts, chippies etc.

Device Allocation, Internet & On-Line Agreement

Internet Agreement
At the beginning of each school year all students are required to sign a new internet agreement.  The agreement outlines the expectations around use of IT equipment at school. The agreement is taken home for parents to read, sign and return to school. 

Device Allocation
At Opaki School we have the following devices allocated for student use:
Aronui Syndicate  - Year 7&8  - 1:1 Chromebooks
Kahure Syndicate  - Year 5&6  - 1:1 Mixture of Chromebooks and iPad Mini
Mahuri Syndicate  - Year 3&4  - 1:2 Mixture of iPad Mini & iPad 2
Tipu Syndicate  - Year 0,1&2  - 1:3 iPad 2
Students are not required or permitted to bring their own devices to school.

School Bus Information

Bus Runs
There are 4 bus runs that leave from Opaki School. 
Willow Park Drive / Southey Road - Leaves school at 3:00pm
Rangitumau - Leaves school at approximately 3:30pm
Mauriceville - Leaves school at approximately 3:30pm
Miki Miki - Leaves school at 3:00pm

Dave Finlayson is in charge of the bus runs & bus monitors.  Please see him if you would like your child to catch the school bus.
Bus Turnaround Area
There are a number of buses that leave from and arrive at school between 3-4pm each day.  Please do not park in, or close to the bus areas - directly outside the school gates and in front of the shed at the end of the netball court.
Should your child no longer need to travel on the school bus please let the school office know.  If your child is not going on the bus on a particular day they need to let their bus monitor know - the monitor will be the student at the front gate holding the bus clipboard. Alternatively students can tell Dave Finlayson - who will be standing at the front gate.
Problems on the School Bus
Please report any problems on the school bus as soon as possible to Dave.  Each bus has 1 or 2 monitors who oversee general behaviour on the bus and report in to the principal on a regular basis. We expect a high standard of behaviour on the school bus and normal school rules apply.  Any incidents can be dealt with promptly if the school is advised as soon as possible.   Students who can not behave on the bus in an appropriate fashion will be spoken to and a decision will be made regarding their future travel on the bus.


School Sports Teams
At Opaki School we encourage all students to play a sport.  The main sports offered on an annual basis are:

Summer Terms - Tennis, Tee Ball, Touch Rugby, Canoe Polo
Winter Terms - Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Miniball
There are also other sports opportunities during the year outside regular PE sessions that students participate in.  These include: 7 A-side Tournament, Volleyball Tournament, Ki-o-rahi.
If you have any queries regarding school sports teams please contact Tiriana Potangaroa.
School Sports Uniforms
Opaki has a sports uniform which all of the children are expected to wear when representing Opaki School.  The cost of this is $59 and can be purchased from the school office. Please make sure that the uniform is named.  We also have optional school jackets and tracksuit pants that you can order at various times during the year.   We will advise you of these ordering times via the school newsletter.
Yearly Sporting Events
During the year students participate in the following school and inter-school events:
Term 1 - Swimming Sports
Term 2 - Cross Country, 7-Aside Tournament.
Term 4 - Athletics

Fair Play Agreement
Students are required to sign Fair Play agreements at the beginning of the winter sports season each year. It sets a timely reminder for students about the expectations around playing fair on the sports field.  The expectation is that this agreement will also flow on into the summer months and encompass summer sports codes.


Reporting To Parents

Student Academic Progress is reported to Parents & Whanau in the following ways:


Approximately every 3 years we are visited by the Education Review Office. We welcome you to read our most recent report.

National Standards Data

National Standards Data is reported to parents mid and end of year. An overview of our school results are included below.

Annual Report

Opaki School's Annual Report including audited financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2019


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