Opaki School Cross Country has been postponed until Friday.

Time: Depart school at 12:15 by bus. Walk the course and then begin races at 1:00pm. Starting with the Year 1’s through to the Year 8’s.
Finish by 2:30 and return to school. If you are wishing to take your child directly from Henley Lake please advise your child’s classroom teacher. Rooms 6 & 7 students will return to school slightly earlier at 2:00 once their races have finished.

School Newsletters

We are currently in the process of changing our school newsletters over to google docs.  You will have recieved an email with a link to the newsletter.  In a few weeks once the mail contacts have been transferred you will also recieve a PDF copy of the newsletter as you have done in the past.  The reason for the change is that the file size of our newsletters - due to the number of photo images and sponsor signage - exceeds what is allowable to upload into our kiwischools website.

In the mean time please click on the link and follow these steps so that you can view the document correctly:1. Click on link to newsletter.

2. Look at the top to where it says 'view'

3. Click on 'view' and go down to 'HTML view' - this will open the newsletter as a PDF type view.

If you are reading the newsletter on a tablet or a phone you will need to either swipe the slides (newsletter pages) or press the play button.

The additional option is to download the document onto your computer as a PDF by going to 'file' and then 'download as' and then 'PDF'.

Many thanks.